Balta home has a rich history of providing high-quality and stylish mechanically woven and tufted rugs for homes.

Balta home has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of decorative rugs, selling rugs worldwide.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship, Balta home has become known for producing durable and beautiful rugs that are both functional and stylish.

We are  vertically integrated, from yarns to finished rugs.

In 1999, Balta decided to expand production to Türkiye, building an entire extrusion, weaving, finishing and packaging factory in Uşak, central Türkiye.

In 2018, We expanded our offer with the acquisition of the brand Papilio, specialized in hand made rugs, furs and printed rugs.

Since 2022, Balta home  became a division of VictoriaPLC.